Commercial Solar

We typically find that our commercial solar systems give our clients a Return On Investment (ROI) of > 25%. Meaning that the systems provide immediate savings and comfortably pay for themselves in less than four years – a smart investment for any business.

Systems designed to meet your needs

In order to optimise the economics of a commercial solar project, the system must be of a high quality to minimise any ongoing expenditure costs and appropriately designed to best suit the energy use patterns of the premises.

That is why we take the time to understand your company’s energy requirements and we design a system to best meet your needs.

Commercial finance packages

At Green Energy Solutions, we offer commercial finance packages with $0 upfront. Even with financing the systems the savings made on your electricity bills are often greater than the repayments on the system! Click here for more info or contact our office to discuss in more detail.

Download the Energy Lease PDF here

Monitoring capabilities

All of our commercial systems include FREE full solar and consumption monitoring capabilities through the SMA Sunny Portal which allows our clients the ability to visualise their energy patterns and make energy adjustments where and if required.

Download the SMA Sunny Portal Datasheet here.

SMA Sunny Portal

Sunny Portal screenshot

This image illustrates a real time shot from the monitoring portal of one of our clients. This screen shows the instantaneous solar production, premises consumption and demand from the grid.

Sunny Portal screenshot

This image illustrates the typical daily load profile also taken from the monitoring portal of one of our clients. The red shows their premises energy consumption while the green section demonstrates the offsetting solar production for the day.

The Clean Energy Council has published a free guide for ‘Installing Solar PV for Businesses and Industry’

Here are just a few of the topics covered in the Guide:

  • Is solar PV the right choice for my business?
  • Grid-connected vs stand-alone systems
  • How much will it cost?
  • The business case for solar PV
  • Building and planning permits
  • Advice for businesses in leased premises
  • Government assistance and financing options
  • Choosing and installing your solar PV system
  • What do if something goes wrong

Click here to download the guide